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click here for 'Alta Vista':- a search engine which translates your letters and web pages into the language of your choice!

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An on-line listings guide to the UK Virgin cinema network

  1. Introduction - history and raison d'être of this witty tome.

  2. Big Red Book Navigation Page ... which is, as it says, a brief introduction to getting around the site and, eventually, escaping so you can tell all your own friends in order that they can join in a whispering campaign to publicise the site. However, this page isn't just a boring instruction manual. Readers will, I hope find some controversial ideas to argue with me about. I also pose a little problem for which you might find an answer on this page if you look hard. I'll say no more.

  3. Jingles of Christmas Future - just as it happened, the poetry started pouring out over the festive season...

  4. Choices - we've all got to make them, make sure yours are the right one's done in a timely fashion...

  5. Preparing for the mid life sleep - to find out what the title means, read the poem.

  6. On the brink of... metamorphosis - trapped in limbo waiting for development.

  7. Invisible Sickness - a personal confession which took a lot of writing and two months wrestling with my feelings.

  8. Primal Scream - dinosaurs suffer from existential ängst as well...

  9. Carving the Cadaver - the dreaded work medical check-up.

  10. Nocturne: a little night musing - concerning the hopes for and dangers of sleep

  11. Friendly fire - on the dangers of workaholism.

  12. Challenge if can afford it - power changing generational hands

  13. Crisis interruptus - writing about the mid-life crisis is easy, afterwards...

  14. Escaping words - some things have to be said before you can move on.

  15. 30 seconds - that's all it takes to make a mess of things.

  16. I got rhythms - the echoes of two days.

  17. For my next excuse - things going wrong? Round up the usual suspects.

  18. The Potato - a quiet plea for the environmentalists which also impressed the pommes de terre...

  19. "The Bible... and fresh rhyming review" - read the book that changed the world and charts the rise of a new nation through its trials and tribulations

  20. The Lord's Prayer - a setting to "She moved through the fair" a traditional folk ballad, included as a sequel to the previous piece.

  21. In search of social grace - a blank reflection of a boring night out. why do we do it?

  22. Prayer for Peace - this seemed to want to write itself after I listened to the news about the emerging crisis in Serbia

  23. 15 minutes of fame - subtitled 'A Poet's Shanty', this work-a-day song is a plea for inspiration packed biographical material. pick your own tune, it's another unfinished symphony. ho hum!

  24. Frozen in a car park - forgetting the essentials can leave you cold and miserable, but song writing can cheer you up.

  25. Advert for the Friendly Bank - they would say that wouldn't they?

  26. Playing the dating game - it's the oldest one in town

  27. "Lest we continue to forget" - remember the oppressed, they're here.

  28. Kipper, the purrfect counsellor - once I realised the transmogrification (sorry for the pun) this flowed from the wording of "Pickle", one of my earlier efforts.

  29. Excommunicant - ostensibly this is about offering therapy to an autistic person but you might wish to interpret it differently...

  30. Wake up call - a poetic reminder to self to get a life and to stop being a couch potato buried in best sellers...

  31. Philosopher's Stoned - can poetry turn ponderous words to philosophical gold or at least break through alcoholic mists?

  32. Kosovo - having found that I couldn't watch the continuous newscasts about the war, I needed to say something to soothe my feeling of impotence.

  33. Albion rising - when the King returns will we repeat the same mistakes?

  34. Prayer for guidance - when you're feeling directionless, who ya gonna call?

  35. Hannah's Story - written in collaboration with Hannah Sutherland (age 6) who contributed to the rhymes and the wacky story line...

  36. A salmon amongst men - just a run of the mill "Judgment Day" story from the perspective of the oppressed.

  37. Monkey's in the grinder - a crie de coeur in ragtime!

  38. Parting Glass - just my way of providing instructions for a terminal departure.

  39. Monkey's in the grinder - postscript - I was accused of being a little pessimistic with the original so, here's my retort!

  40. A time for dreaming - when fatigue takes over, creativity needs to be regenerated so sleep rules, okay...

  41. Whatever happened 2y2k? - looking back from the future

  42. Imagination - a poem inspired by a regular invasion of small people at my house

  43. Suffer Patiently - Job's burden part I - an invitation to grin and bear it or something much more profound perhaps...

  44. Who can we turn to? - Job's burden part II - What can guard offer in the face of extreme adversity...

  45. The Snowman - another poem inspired by small people about the dangers of not knowing your place...

  46. In Cyberspace no-one can see you're incomplete... - a simple exploration of the e-quality of life on the internet.

  47. Half life part 1 : "We only want to help you to be happy" - an alternative perspective on being helped by nice people...

  48. Half-life part 2: "To do is to be" - if the previous piece made you angry, you'll probably want to find some way to express your feelings, this might help.

  49. Inside the black box: B.F. Skinner, one of the founding fathers of behaviourism argued that the only legitimate source of data for the psychologist was observable activity. Further, he suggested that nothing going on inside the human cranium could be considered at all. Perhaps the most inscrutable of minds is that of the baby with whom we can only communicate by inference and interpretation. They must get very frustrated with the foolish giants they encounter in the neonatal period... this poem is a re-working of an earlier piece: "Do I remember..."

  50. Discovering the universe in a matchbox - becoming increasingly house bound has the effect of sharpening one's changing perspectives. Hopefully, this offers a positive view.

  51. Slippery Slope - one moment you're on top...

  52. Recrimination and Regret - a sad reflection of an all too frequent reality

  53. The Pontiff we always know what's best especially when we're enthusiastic, idealistic and young...

  54. Three brief verses for the third millennium - I knew I had to commemorate the millennium somehow but found myself confused. How should it be remembered? This expressed my feelings well at the time.

  55. Amen! Let it be... - how many people are aware that when they say, "amen" they are asking for something to happen? This is my version of, "Have a nice day!" amen...

  56. Just another day - an examination of the creative process in others, to do or not to do, to create or languish apathetically...

  57. "Who is Jesus? ... See, the Man Part I" - a song questioning the relevance of Jesus in the 21st century

  58. "A new life! ... See, the Man Part II" - a song about Christ's challenge and his gift to the world

  59. "Hymn for the Millennium" - no-one knows the day so, make sure you're ready; the piece offers an advent experience which seems to re-invent itself whenever I visit the words and music.

  60. "For peace in your heart" - written in response to a desperate plea...

  61. " Passion" - Christ's prayer to his father from the Cross...

  62. Author's biography - night-time reading for the terminal insomniac: not an all inclusive, definitive document but, instead, just a few factional bits which may provide revelations.... and hopefully the occasional smile.