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(1) If you're one of those who thinks that a life with God
Looks like a really boring, uneventful scene
You should grab up and grapple with the greatest book
And read Ecclesiastes 8... 14-15
The words are about the enjoyment of life
That it's good to eat, drink and be glad
That the joys of this world were made for all of us
Not just for pleasuring the terminally bad

(3) Those stories are only the beginning
The real action unfolds elsewhere
But I don't want to mess up your fun
If you feel challeisisnged and like Daniel take the dare
The Bible's the book that tops the book charts
About our Maker and the whole of creation
So the only element that's missing
Is your burning imagination.


(2) Turning back to those well thumbed pages
I discovered sixty six fantastic books
Loads of good stories to read into which
You might like to try sinking your hooks
If you're passionate, you'll find loads to grip you
As adventures and mysteries unwind
The trials of a newborn nation
Will be revealed in the chapters you'll find

(1) So sit down, flick through pages full of wisdom
From the first it'll grip you to the last
A doorway to the present, past and future
With a message writ in blood to seal it fast
If you read the book your horizons'll be widened
You'll feel taller as you open up your eyes
Your future once so desolate will seem rosy
With life everlasting as its prize
Life everlasting as its prize

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© Stefan Lewis-Fish (13 March 1999 revised for music 4 June 2001)