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~ A new life! ~

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See the Man... Part II
by Stefan Lewis-Fish


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See the Man! ... Who's that?
He's a wonderful counsellor
So we should tell all the world
That Jesus is Lord
See the Man!... Who's that?
He's Jesus our Saviour
A much loved son
Through whom God's grace is poured


Who is Jesus?
Ask, while feeling His absence
Ask Him to come in
Let the rush fill your heart
Feel with a confident certainty
Answers to questions
And get ready for a challenge
To a new life with a fresh start.


He's the same, He's unchanging
He's one with the Father
Two thousand years
In the blink of an eye
From a time immemorial
He is fresh as a daisy
And to free us from sin
He came down from on high.


He is here, He is now
He'll be with us tomorrow
Guarding our souls
And deftly guiding our feet
Until we are ready to meet with our Maker
When humbly we'll rise up
To kneel before His seat.


So gather musicians
And artists and writers
To proclaim the Messiah
And hail Jesus as King
Raise cries in the highways
The hedgerows and bi-ways
Take choirs to the street
And let them all sing.