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Half life (part I)

by Stefan Lewis-Fish



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Hey there, newly disabled -

You've joined the rotten corps.

Just hang around and rest, bemused,

No need to protest or shout at all.

A nigger of the nineties,

Still without your civil rights,

Our job's to keep you quiet, subdued,

Whilst we enjoy the world's delights.


About you we have no expectations,

Skulking in your half life's gloom,

So spend time confirming stereotypes,

Or stay isolated in your room.

If you accept what we've provided,

We'll protect you and keep you warm,

Cradle you and grave you,

And even forget that you've been born.

Government packages'll keep you,

So, accept the tax payers' charity,

That'll absolve our noisy conscience,

And silence screams from the minority!

So offer thanks to the long awaited Dee Dee Ay,

For doling out your daily bread,

Whilst the Treasury draws its breath at last,

For not turning blackened figures red.

Keep quiet if you can hack it!

Tell 'em, "Carpe diem's" died.

Don't let anger rattle your cages,

'Cos like you, I'm far too tired.

© Stefan Lewis-Fish
(31 August 1999)