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"Suffer patiently"

'The Ancient of Days' by William Blake

(Job's burden part I)

by Stefan Lewis-Fish

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Let's sign a petition for peace

Endorsed by God, the Almighty

Our strength in troubled times

The Ancient of Days

And let's lift our hearts up to Him

Giving thanks to His Spirit

Through the body and blood of Christ

... Jesus our Lord! ...

Be patient dear neighbours

Till our Saviour's return

Just look at how the farmers

Wait for the land

With patience they wait

For the Spring rains and Autumn

So you should stand firm

For his coming is near


Neighbours be patient

When confronted by hardship

Heed well those who speak

In the name of the Lord

Don't pass judgment on others

For you'll soon be judged

Don't grumble 'cos your Judge

Stands right here at the door!


You've heard of Job's suffering

Of his perseverance

You've seen what the Lord

Brought about in the end

How our Father revealed

His compassion and mercy

And Job grew fruitful and prospered

Dying old full of years