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Half life (part II) by Stefan Lewis-Fish


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Joke's finally over, let's look to the future

There're battles to be fought and rights to be won

Or did you think that yesterday's heroes

Left a comfortable world where the work's all been done?

This half-life is the only half you've got

So make certain you don't sell yourselves off cheap

A whole life's much more expensive

And you've got to start sowing before you can reap

Another suffragette'll have suffered in vain

If no-one picks up where she left off

Don't expect people to stand up and applaud

Reactionaries'll condemn, complain and scoff

So, will you skulk about living your half-life

Or are you half a person enough

To show them your new clear brilliance

Evoking memories of an old revolutionary's stuff?

They're your cudgels now, it's your time on the frontline

You're being called to account so make us all proud

We're the past, you're the present, so shout to the future

Let the world hear your message... Say it out loud!

© Stefan Lewis-Fish
(31 August 1999)