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  Today is December 3rd 1999, the International Day of Disabled People and coincidentally the anniversary of my mother's death. It seems apt that this day, which promotes a good deal of thought for me personally, ought to see the nic stirrings of this "Warped World View" web site.

I intend to use this project to explore the boundaries of my psyche through poetry and ideological commentary. I also want to encourage interaction with others who share a love of the bizarre or simply want to take part in debate.

The poetry is, to some, banal though completely original dealing, as it does, with subjects as diverse as the old dinner party chestnuts of politics, religion, disability and relationships. I'll will also where I remember create links to other interesting sites I've encountered. These will, hopefully, be of interest to you the reader and be relevant to the poetry's subject matter. In the spirit of interactivity, if anyone visiting the site knows of good links I can include, let me know. By clicking on the cartoon above you can boot up your E-mail programme with my address automatically installed.

One fascinating outcome of my search for interactive development has been a successful application to Scope, the national disability charity. They have supported me in setting up a small web-site training unit through their 'Give It a Go' millennium award scheme. This will allow me to draw together a small group of creative disabled people and others who are active in non-profit making organisations. These will, jointly, develop web writing skills and act as a mutual 'brains trust'. I intend to use this group to act as an energising force, challenging, criticising and testing out new ideas. They will also forge a core group with whom I will link, broadening the intimate network. Hopefully, they will also provide me with addresses for interesting sites and graphics which I can share and draw to the attention of readers. Equally, I will use my new found contacts to highlight and raise issues relating to disability and the celebration of social diversity. Let me know if this is useful or annoying...

On each of the poems you'll find a subtle sign. This is just a reminder that if you quote anything from them - remember their source and let me know what you think - any bouquets or brickbats are equally very welcome - indifference drains my energy! One recommendation I would make is that having identified pieces you might like to read at length, why not download them and consider them off line at your leisure. This will, hopefully, reduce your costs and anxiety levels!.

I have an important confession to make at this juncture. I have no fine art skills so, wanting to illustrate my pages, I have been surfing around the internet and come across some wonderful images which resonated with me immediately because of their relationship to the pieces I've been creating. In most instances I found them when examining my temporary folders and preceded, perhaps illegitimately, to include them in the site without the permission of their originators. Unfortunately, I had no record of their sources and therefore, couldn't acknowledge and document them. For this, my apologies. If anyone encounters something which I seem to have 'stolen' please let me know so I can make peace and build new links.

For now, this site may seem to be boring but with your help and advice it can only improve. From the bottom of the pit, there's no place to go but up. The navigation page may help with this process. Just a slight adventure gamer's clue for now - if it's underlined or a picture you can click on it to escape. If it's not, you can't! If you do escape and want to get back, try typing in {alt-left arrow} or clicking your browser's previous page icon. Whatever you decide upon, please don't leave before you're completely satisfied!

Stefan Lewis-Fish (3rd December 1999)

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