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a poem by Stefan Lewis-Fish

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I'm an analogue anachronism,
Not dynamic and digital,
Not precociously parallel,
But seriously serial.
I'm plodding and ponderous,
Out of touch with culture,
Seriously searching for,
A compatible soul.


So, if you're like yours truly,
Or think you're complimentary,
I'm waiting with baited breath,
For you to contact me.
I've a very bad record,
Two marriages, two divorces,
But I'm open and honest,
You'll get what you see.


I'm a heterosexual,
With a hint of the mystical,
At times moody and broody,
With an interesting Chi.
I like music and sci-fi,
Good wine with a gourmet,
Conversation is crucial,
I'm sure that you'll agree.


I'm a cinematic idiot,
A sucker for a story,
A computer junkie,
And that's quite solit'ry.
But, there's something more sensuous,
Than cybernetic surfing,
That's harmoniously swimming,
In a virtual sea.


So, come all ye budding partners,
You can get in touch by telephone,
By fax or by e-mail,
But not telepathy,
I'm very receptive,
To a variety of approaches
So, give me the chance,
To take you out or in for tea.