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"Recrimination & regret"


a poem about relationships
by Stefan Lewis-Fish


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As daily I wander

Down streets of regret

I need you to know, Love,

That you're not alone.

Please don't take the blame

For the things that went wrong,

I know you were frightened,

Afraid to come home.

There's two sides to the story,

Mine full of shame,

I gave you no quarter,

Forced you to escape.

Two lonely people,

Wanting to be one,

Was there care for the other,

Or did hope blind our sense?

Hope for an instant,

That needs could be met,

Forced on by convention,

No moments for breazth.

And now the conclusion,

Division, no choice,

I seek absolution,

But I want it from you.

I can't seek forgiveness,

I can't make amends,

I don't want to harm you,

Can we try being friends.

We both need to move on,

In our journey through life,

So please hear my prayer,

Pax tecum my wife.