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For peace in your heart

a poem to empower the powerless

by Stefan Lewis-Fish


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With blue skies or grey

There's always pax te...

Cum Dominus be with you

Through close of the day

Till morning light wakes you

With sleep in your eyes

Till where-ness clears slumber

With purpose you rise

To tackle your trials

To dance with the dawn

To march with the sun

No longer forlorn

To realise your duty

Break into a run

To leap to the future

Till His will is done

With glow of achievement

With rest that you've earned

Reflect in your armchair

On all that you've learned

With peace in your heart

And one more day's close

Holding you safely

You remain... Cathy Rose

Let your nightmares lay vanquished

subdued by the Dove of Peace.

Let your dreams reveal the promise of future glory.