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"Enabled in Cyberspace"
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Where no-one can see your imperfections
by Stefan Lewis-Fish

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In this world, full of carers, if you're disabled,

You'll find limitations and physical blocks,

But by taking the plunge with the cyberspace surfers,

Your computer will help you to shatter those locks...

The web gives us freedom to loosen our bonds,

To explore new worlds and unshackle our chains,

To wander unfettered down alternate roads,

Where no-one sees scars or imagines our pains.

Where we're in control, with no law to corral us,

No Big Brother constraining our roles,

No "caring" professional guarding our morals,

No cotton wool clamps gently strangling our souls.

No waiting for transport to take us on outings,

Where we're humbly grateful for our driver's largesse,

Where he goes home, happy, his day's good deed done,

Delivering us safely, to a life, in a mess.

Cyber Key's a resort with unspoiled beaches,

Where, miraculously, wheels never sink in the sands,

Where we're the ones splashing around in the water,

Making new friends, cracking jokes, holding hands.

If you've a computer, a modem and phone

And want to escape from empirical strife,

Come down, take a plunge in the Virtual Sea,

Ride some new waves, live e-quality life!

© Stefan Lewis-Fish
(31 July 1999)