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~ Amen, let it be! ~

a hymn of celebration by Stefan Lewis-Fish

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... Chorus ...


Let's rejoice

Wave the banners

In Christ's name

Sing hosannas

Children come

Greet the morning

New day's dawning

So sing out with joy

Amen! Let it be

Amen! Let it be

Amen! Let it be

O sing out with joy


- 1 -

With joy greet the daylight

Creation's intention

On earth as in heaven

Amen, let it be.

Birds sing, world is waking

With new revelations

God's purpose unveiling

Amen, let it be.

... Chorus ...

- 2 -

We humbly seek guidance

Through prayer, your commandments

Your wisdom to guide us

Amen, let it be...

We welcome your bounty

Your gifts showered upon us

All praise to your name

Amen, let it be.


... Chorus ...

- 3 -

Affirmed with each breath

With each waking hour

Our cry, "Hallelujah!"

Amen, let it be

Your cup of salvation

Your spirit within us

Your word in our hearts

Amen let it be!


... Chorus ...

Stefan Lewis-Fish
(28th January 2000)

with critical support
from Peter Dunn