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"The Snowman"

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by Stefan Lewis-Fish

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One day, I met a depressed, soulful snowman,

Looking thoughtful, though rather svelte,

He dreamt of going to a warmer clime,

So I warned him, once there, he'd melt.

But, he really hated the weather at home,

You see, it was, always, much too cold,

And he'd heard of the sun in Australia,

So, no matter what, he wouldn't be told...

And he went off looking for a suitable hole,

Jumped in and tumbled down right through the earth,

He'd started off in a comfortable snowstorm,

And finished up boiling in Perth!

Well, his brain starting frying, his clothes melting fast,

He found himself in a desperate muddle,

So the snowman came to a soggy end,

As a damp patch known as a snuddle!*

*Oh yes, a snuddle is a slushy snow puddle...

Sorry about that, I've just been granted my poetic licence!

Anyway... The moral of this sad little tale is,

"If your body's really cool and your soul's made of ice,

Look before you leap down rabbit holes,

'Cos greener grass isn't always that nice."

This poem was inspired by
Gemma Alex Sutherland &
Larissa Ann Millicent Barclay (both aged 5)
Picture by Hannah Amy Sutherland (aged 6)
all pupils at Millbrook Junior School,
Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK.

with due apologies to Raymond Briggs.

© Stefan Lewis-Fish
(28 July 1999)