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Christ's plea from the Cross to his heavenly Fatherlink to the web site of "the Passion of the Christ"

from "New songs seeking cool tunes"
by Stefan Lewis-Fish

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Father, O Father take this cup away from Me.
O no My dear Son for that, You know, I can't do.
The redemption of sins requires a perfect sacrifice
Which can only be made by one such as You.

Father, O Father this burden's so heavy
The weight of Your people all laden with sin
But if ransom is needed I'll willingly pay
Take My body and My blood and let them back in.

Oh no My dear Son it won't be that easy
For them to gain their freedom to come back to the fold
They must first trust in Your name and return to Me through You
For only then can I face them, after you've sacrificed your blood

Father, O Father I know You are with Me
But in moments of weakness I feel so alone
In My most human hours I long to be there with You
When I'm tired and afraid I pray "Let Me come home..."

Eloi... Eloi... lama sabachtani
Oh... they say that I'm calling to Elias, a mere man
When You know I'm calling to the eternal dominion
To the one who's forsaken His all too mortal Son

So Father, O Father, I beg you forgive them
Forgive them, for they cannot know what they do.
O Father forgive them for their past transgressions
And now and forever My life is for You.

And Father, O Father, now I've come to My ending
Fulfilling My promise and performing My role
I look forward hoping and praying for rebirth
So into Your hands I'm commending My soul
... into Your hands I'm commending My soul




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© Stefan Lewis-Fish

(19th April 2000)