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~* Excommunicant *~

link to autism resources

a poem by Stefan Lewis-Fish
about the treatment of autistic children


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I feel no contact

As you wander around

In an autistic haze

Translucent to you

But world-weary watchers

Wonder why, how and with what

You feed your existence

And vanquish your fears.

They seek your insights

But never permission

To enter your world

Your sacred domain

They violate your territory

So strange and compelling

They invade your privacy

Whilst you stay aloof

Whilst you're totally absorbed

In the visions you experience

I'm forced to observe

Through darkened glass.

Whilst I crave your secrets

You offer rejection

Of my world left behind

That I long to enrich.

Could I shake off my sadness

To enter your solace?

Could our reality

Merge with your own?

Could you help to find answers

To all of our questions?

I need peace and communion

And you hold the key...

I came upon the image of Angelo (above) when looking for autism resources. His eyes kept following me so I decided to headline this poem with his image.

Unfortunately I lost the address of the source document which included his story. If he, or his family encounter this piece, I hope they will accept that his picture has been included respectfully and also accept my thanks to Angelo for the inspiration he gave me.