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a poem for each side of the generation gap
by Stefan Lewis-Fish

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a glimpse of the different philosophy

"Hey! Spirited youths out there,

You may think that you're ready,

But I'll sharpen your blunted edges,

And add depth to your philosophy!

I'll leave you ready to read,

To stand up for your centers.

You'll build cogent opinions,

Fuelling challenges and fights."

"Ready to bore,

That's more like it,

Be pedantic and obscure,

Force our heads into sandpits.

If we listen to your thinking,

We'll get tangled in confusion!

Paying heed to your thoughts'll

Lead to social exclusion .

Synchronised and compromised,

By messages of absorption,

Blah, blah, blah-de-blah,

Tired old education.

Okay, so we're young,

But, give us credit for our minds,

If you didn't treat us all like children,

You'd be surprised what you'd find.

We'll listen to any new ideas,

Thoughts or information,

But give us choice, not moral mandates,

Then we'll form our own opinions.

You so called "grown ups" groaning now,

Think you've got all the answers,

But look at the mess you've made of today

And stop claiming to be masters.


It's a tired old chorus,

But you know that it's true,

It's time to transfer the tug o'war rope

And for us to take up the strain for you.

Maybe we'll co-operate,

But there's no need to do battle,

You've bequeathed us loads of issues,

Don't block the means to wield our metal."

"It's true that you're the future,

But I'm no relic from the past.

Many idealists have preceded you,

And, hopefully, you won't be the last

I speak with voices of experience,

Not from me, but drawn from many, just like you,

They learned to listen to the people,

Turning their thoughts to projects new.

Discovering value in sharing,

Drawing on collective strife,

They've built firmer foundations,

Adding value... touching life.

Listen well to their messages

They'll help you to empower

To build equality in your programmes

Then it'll truly be your hour"