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"A time for dreaming"

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A poem by Stefan Lewis-Fish



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A work in progress,

Unfinished opus,

A thought adjourned,

Suspended in time.

I bow to exhaustion,

Lacking energy,

Ready to swallow,

A whole load of zeeze.

Tell me what's happening,

Creative spirit,

In cloying quicksand,

Lost in a haze.

Surrounded by symbols,

Seduced by Morpheus,

A mage semiotic,

Untangling the signs.

Thesis is seeking,

Antithesis beckons,

Synthetic fingers,

Filling its womb.

Dialectic creation,

Faded in dawn light,

A nagging mnemonic,

To tiptoe on tongue.

Fuelling new thinking,

The cycle continues,

With refreshing energy,

Life goes on...