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... Wake up call ...

a personal call to arms
from Stefan Lewis-Fish

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Fiction's fascinating,

Wrapped up in a story,

Thrilling experiences,

Filling your dreams.

You feel all the action,

Avoid all the danger,

Minimise risk,

You know it makes sense.

You don't live on the margin,

You hide in the mainstream,

It's all in your mind,

So, no-one gets hurt.

But I want to feel life,

Leave a real imprint,

A sign of my being,

To say I was here.

That's not going to happen,

By reading about it,

By side winding, skulking,

I avoid risks of pain.

I guess I'll only find living,

When I pushke things ha ppen,

And plant some new seed.

So I'd better get moving,

No time like the present,

The alarm bell's ringing,

The world awaits.

Right now, I'm ready,

So where's the entrance?

The battery's all charged,

And I tell you, "I'm back!"


The fiction's important,

We all need a rest break,

And Jack's not a dull boy,

But what comes next?

I'll set my eyes on the future,

Aim at some targets,

Find my real mission,

Heed my wake up call!