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~* Friendly Fire *~

a poem by Stefan Lewis-Fish
about the dangers of workoholism

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a Christian miscellany by Stefan Lewis-Fish

Monday morning
Sunday's over,
Now, a wage slave,
Gone weekend's rover.

The office commotion,
No time for leisure,
Corporate devotion,
Conveyor belt pressure.

Arteries hardening,
Ulcer creating,
Stress, absence, burn out,
Thrombosis making.

No time for family,
Just drink, self absorption.
Rows, stabbing tension,
Say goodbye, separation.

There's so much I can take,
I've got to get out.
Leave racing to others.
Plant seeds of doubt.

My memory remains,
Pricking their ears,
But there's work to be done,
Forget past ideas.

Just one more victim,
Sent to the street,
No time to care,
People to meet.

The cycle continues,
No beginning, no end,
Life is so cheap,
So spend, spend, spend...


© Stefan Lewis-Fish
(25th January 1999)