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a Christian miscellany
selected from my poems, prayers and songs 1999-2004


by Stefan Lewis-Fish







  1. Divine inspiration : my personal calling

  2. the Jesus chronographs : direct access to all pages

  3. A fresh look at the Bible : what's it all about?

  4. List' to the bells : a call to worship

  5. A prayer for peace : written in response to the Kosovo experience

  6. Amen... let it be! : an unabashed evangelical song

  7. Who is Jesus today? : See the man (Part I)

  8. Suffer patiently : Job's burden (Part I)

  9. A hymn for the millennium : no one knows the day or the hour ... Isaiah 40 and beyond

  10. The tears of God : gifts from the Father

  11. Passion... Christ's prayer from the cross

  12. Who can we turn to? : Job's burden (Part II)

  13. A prayer for guidance : where should we go next?

  14. "A new life" : See the man (Part II)

  15. Crisis interruptus : a sombre reflection on midlife

  16. One little girl's question : the perception of God

  17. David's song : you're never too old to achieve!

  18. Parting glass : thank you for life and friendship

  19. A Lyke Wake dirge : passage to the afterlife




from "a Christian miscellany"
by Stefan Lewis-Fish
(November 5, 2004)