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"David's Song"

a hymn of thanks and praise based on the writings of David recorded in 1 Chronicles 29 - he'd just been assured strength and support for his later work which is really good to know if you think you're about to die. It's always useful to have someone in your corner when you are low in spirits! If you need any additional help, try imagining being there a few thousand years ago, looking after your sheep at night, then try gazing up at the star filled sky and think about the one who made it all... pretty breathtaking, huh!



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go forward in time to a  conversation between Jesus   Christ and his Father from the cross

linked to a new song... the tears of God

(1) Praise be to you Lord God, God of our father Israel
Yours, 0 Lord, is the greatness and the power
Yours, 0 Lord, is the glory and the splendour
You are the ruler of all things

(2) Yours, 0 Lord, is the kingdom, the kingdom
All in heaven and earth are yours
All wealth and honour come from you
You're always there for us as head over all

(3) To you, 0 Father, be the power
The power, the power and the glory
From everlasting to ever-la-asting
We praise your glorious name




In your hands are strength and power

Lifting our spirits way up in the sky

In your hands are the glory and splendour

So we raise your name on high


jumping forward in time to Jesus Christ's conversation from the cross with his Father

© Stefan Lewis-Fish(December 28, 2000)