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~ Who is Jesus? ~

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See the Man... Part I
by Stefan Lewis-Fish


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See the Man! ... Who's that?
He's a wonderful counsellor
So we should tell all the world
That Jesus is Lord
See the Man!... who's that?
He's Jesus our Saviour
A much loved son
Through whom God's grace is poured


Who is Jesus?
A legend remembered by ancients
Or a figure from history
Turned dusty o'er years?
Or a bold revolutionary
Martyred for caring
A challenge for the powerful
Arousing their fears


To us all He's a rock
A protector, redeemer
A teacher, confessor
A strength and a guide
He's there when we weaken
He'll be there when we falter
He'll offer protection
When we seek to hide.


He was there before the daylight,
The word with the Father
He's was there in the Spirit
Moulding our land
Always here for beginnings
And for crises and endings
To support us in our solace
And keep hold of our hands.