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~~~ an early morning call to church ~~~

from "New songs seeking cool tunes"
by Stefan Lewis-Fish

ringing praise in America



symbolism of bread and wine in the Christian Eucharist


linked to the irreverent Guild of handbell ringers

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Wake-up you sleepyhead
Take a walk
Go to church instead

Wake-up get out of bed
Take a word from the wise
Learn from God instead


List to the bells as they call us to worship
With one resolve let the world hear us sing
With echoing chimes giving hopes to all nations
One voice shouting loud singing Christ is our King!


Let's take a good look at the book of creation
From Genesis to Judgement God has nudged us on our way
His Son walked amongst us, died bringing salvation
So our worship and thanks seems a small price to pay


Wake up and walk on and breathe in the morning
Soak up the sun, fill your lungs with the air
Let's join with our fellows give praise to our maker
Tell all the world of the gift that we share

Chorus x 2


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© Stefan Lewis-Fish ( August 2002 )

(19th April 2000)