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'the Jesus chronographs'

Believe it or believe it not, it actually happened, just as I described it in "Divine inspiration" (Chronograph I) ... though I hesitate to say it, I had a visitation from... well you'd better make up your own mind about that... but I heard a big, booming, male voice inside my head. It wasn't me and I don't normally suffer from paranoid delusions!

Yes, I'd had a slight infection and I was on medication but, be that as it may, I was feeling completely awake and alert and I sensed a powerful, compelling, yet, at the same time, very soothing presence.

He said he was Jesus and began by asking me to do some very scary things that I felt were completely beyond my abilities. So, despite being somewhat dumbfounded, I politely refused. Then, when he asked me to do something relatively simple... just rewrite chunks of history giving His spin on certain events, I felt relieved and actually found myself accepting the job!

So, there you have it. I was there and even I don't know what to think... did the voice come from a malfunctioning brain? I felt perfectly normal. Perhaps, then, it was an invasion from a malevolent gnostic daemon? If anything it felt supremely benign. Was it then a genuine intervention from Jesus acting for the holy Trinity? You will need to arrive at your own conclusion but I would ask you to avoid dismissing what I have reported out of hand. So please, if you read on, be sceptical, incredulous, or perhaps, simply agnostic, it's your call. What I can tell you is that even though I have doubts about my experiences I have attempted to be truthful about them.

As you have seen, I'm presenting the stories in the form of short Chronographs... or echoes from the dusty past. If you want to return to any of them, I'm leaving an index trail below because, though I obviously can't write them all at once, my impatient visitor wanted them published as soon as possible...

Stefan Lewis-Fish




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by Stefan Lewis-Fish
(November 20, 2004)