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Chronograph I:

"Divine inspiration"

The last time Jesus came to Kettering
Hammering and thumping inside my head
He said, "Rise... take up your pen and paper
It's time to earn your daily bread"

I said to him,"Good Lord! That was unexpected
What would you like me to do?"
"There are tales we want you to write," he replied
"But the detail is all down to you."

"There are bits and pieces in Genesis and elsewhere
That your historians got totally wrong
So we want you to listen to our side
And set things straight thro' your words and your songs."

Well we sat round and rabbitted for what seemed like an age
But it can't have been much more than a moment or two
When I came out of a trance full of stories to share
And if you'll listen I'll try to recount them all to you

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by Stefan Lewis-Fish
(November 5, 2004