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a reflection on the future
by Stefan Lewis-Fish

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Oh Lord,

I stand here contemplating,

Wondering where you'll send me next,

Though, I'm just a frail vehicle,

To you, alone, I bow my head.


Sometimes, your plans are hard to follow,

I know I fail more than I succeed,

My weakness is a disappointment,

But with help I will improve.

Only by the tests you give me,

Only by the trials I face,

Will I hope to grow to please you,

Becoming worthy of your grace.

You know my heart, you know my troubles,

You know my thoughts, my hopes and dreams,

So, I pray for help to weave the patterns,

Of my life and destiny.

As I approach the veil of tears,

Sharing in forever's breath,

Forgive me, please, for past transgressions,

And guide me with your holy light.

All praise to you, your works of wonder,

Your spirit, moving through my pen,

Your son's example, shining brightly

Through whom I now shout


© Stefan Lewis-Fish
(21 April 1999)