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~*~ Crisis interruptus ~*~
sombre reflections on the midlife pause

Is the human drama meant to be a tragedy or a comedy?

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Looking ahead to the edge of tomorrow

And playing back the memories of yesteryear

Whilst I'm acutely aware of the concerns of the moment

Which bear sobering witness to wasted time.

The future's hand beckons with jesting seduction

And divine fingers point to my penultimate scene

Whilst the present reveals its annoying conclusions

With a cacophony of options for highways ahead

Without the excitement of anticipationm

Reflection's echoing softens the blow

Dragging up memories of a wasted existence

Which deaden the cries of a tormented soul

Have my own choices controlled my decisions?

Has some other piper been playing the tune?

Has some other scribbler been scripting my actions

For a play where I'm cast as an ill fated fool?

Unseen in the shadow the divine comedian

Continues repeating some ancient joke

Never seeking permission from the unwitting players

Whose actions respond to the pull of his yoke

"Good jokes," he quips,"are worth the retelling,

Even bad'n's get dragged up over'nd over again

As characters appear, fretting and strutting,

I look forward to watching their stories unfold."

Life's crises corral the soul's expectation

As endless potential stalls and gives way

To panic and focus on forthcoming closure

And the achievements and failures he'll judge on that day

"If mid-life's intermission is over and done with

I'd better go on to play the rest of this game."

The puppeteer smiles as his plot becomes clearer

    The big picture emerges... the end... awaits




    © Stefan Lewis-Fish
    (11 February 1999