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"Parting glass"

A final toast from Stefan Lewis-Fish



a chance to look at some of my newer work


Christian miscellany I. Stefan Lewis-Fish

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a chance to look at some of my newer work


switched to ' a Christian miscellany' selection of my poems, prayers and songs 1999-2004

As I fall, to sleep forever,

Passing beyond any human ear,

Listen, to my final message,

Listen, lest you fail to hear.

In Ecclesiastes, we're told of seasons,

There is a time for birth, for death,

Now, it is my time for dying,

Time to breathe my final breath.

No, it's not the time for grieving,

For now, grasp your time for life.

Time enough, for pain and struggle,

For sorrow, conflict, tears and strife.

Now, for once please, pause, remember,

Times we've met and times we've laughed,

Merry times we've had togeher,

Quaffing from an ample draft.

Now, it's time for celebration,

My journey, here, is at an end,

For you, look forward to the future,

Face the world, new heights ascend.

And, whilst not rushing off to leave you,

I know, at last, my time, is done,

I leave to you, all jobs unfinished,

I'm here in spirit, just for fun.

When I go to take my next communion,

I'll be going, at last, to make amends,

So, celebrate my life and parting,

All you I call my dearest friends.


I pray now to my Father God

Don't judge harshly what's now past and done

And to all you who got to ???? before me

Look out now 'cos here I come!





© Stefan Lewis-Fish
(15 May 1999)