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Sometimes the only way to improve things is not to judge them

by Stefan Lewis-Fish

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I can only sit and weep for Kosovo,

Bleeding and dying as troops gather round,

Refugees fleeing whilst bombing continues,

Where oh where can solutions be found?

War creates a maelström of feelings,

Whipping the people to opposite poles,

Gone the respect for life and liberty,

Each one striving to achieve their own goals.

Every one has a just cause to fight for,

Every one has God on their side,

Tired and frightened in the midst of conflict,

People, still, search for a small place to hide.

Young people rise to the call of their bloodlust,

Each feeling pride in battles being fought,

Meanwhile, all with the courage to confront their ideas,

Just make new victims to be hunted and caught.

I can only pray as the death count gets higher,

That sanity will prevail over vengeful cries,

That people will pause to reflect on their actions,

And begin to think of peace as a prize.

One thing gives hope as each conflict commences,

We know that, once started, one day it will end,

In seeking this outcome as factions grow closer,

Can we help old enemies call each other friend?

© Stefan Lewis-Fish
(20 April 1999)