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...Escaping words ...
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a poem by Stefan Lewis-Fish
about the compulsion to write


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They could've warned me,

When I began writing,

That sometimes the words,

Have a life of their own,

As a nagging reminder,

Of pain and emotion,

While creative tensions

Wait straining in line.

Cajoling commandments,

Threaten our secrets,

Whilst fiction's muses,

Join with fantasy in chains.

The muses, being handcuffed,

Reveal their subservience,

To crises of fact,

That won't be repressed.

With nobody listening,

No empathic companion,

Insomnia follows,

Increasing fatigue.

The conscience claws,

Fielding dissonant advisers.

The final decision:-

Divorce and be damned.

Attempts at an audience

With choked inspiration,

Confirm the conviction

That truth can't be bound.

Going over, in pain,

My fury's confession,

A private performance

For absent friends' ears.

The end was explosive,

But not unexpected,

A chastening conclusion

To a world of false hopes.

Shattering glass

Marked relationship's passing,

A broken doorway,

To a waking world.

The future's now open,

An unwritten novella,

With each new experience,

Providing a stage,

Where I'm still an actor

Who longs to start playing.

So, "Exeunt omnes

And prepare the next set."