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"Just an ordinary day"

a poem by Stefan Lewis-Fish


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It was just an ordinary day...

When I woke up breathing deeply

Ideas filling up the air and invoking desire,

Thinking of others greeting the daylight.

What thoughts would fuel their passion's fire?

Would they anticipate momentary splendour?

Would they grasp each fleeting beat of their hearts?

Would they squeeze the juice from every minute

And spark the tinder to inflame their arts?

Or would they languish apathetically dragging their souls,

Fated to miss their chance for fame,

Destined to put their faith in the lottery,

Millions to one 'gainst their making a name?

It was such a day that the world was created,

That someone, finally, seeded the corn,

It was such a day that a star lit the night's sky,

A day when an unnamed baby was born.

The unnamed babe who dared to think strangely,

The child whose magical thoughts became real,

The nameless teen who challenged, turned into...

The grown up who opened up worlds with his zeal.

At close of day with sleep approaching

Stomachs filled with daily bread

Satisfied, their works completed,

Perchance to dream, they gazed ahead.

So, dream on to resolve the cares of your daytime

Remember ambition's opening play

Wake up, with answers demanding effort

First thought, then action, the price to pay.

Some will, some won't, success or failure

Bi-polar constructions, no room for the grey.

Black or white choices, resulting decisions,

One thousand four hundred and forty minutes to fill up...

From the start... to the end... of each day...