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Tick... toc... Tick......... toc

Monday 22nd, February, 19, 90, and 9...

I started today listening to rap, learning to rhyme

And finished it up with chattering bones, so coolly beating,

With shivering limbs, shaking and longing,

Quivering frustrated, quaking and feeling,

No mean achievement.

I await tomorrow, anticipating tremulously

Attending to detail and different requests.

A symphony of silence suggests to one soul,

Prepare dancing dialogues, pummel drumming duets.


So, what will tomorrow bring?

Omniscients guard knowledge so only God knows,

But the rhythm of life has renewed our luxuriant harvest,

For long kept faith leaves kaleidoscopic footprints.

Now that's what I call achievement!

Stefan Lewis-Fish
(22 February 1999)