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"Hannah's Story"

A Saga of Stranger Danger

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One day, when bored, I went for
A really, really good walk,
Looking for somebody interesting,
With whom I could play and could talk.

I came upon another little girl,
I didn't know her or her name.
She approached me and as she walked up,
I noticed that she limped and was quite lame.

"Hello, my name's Hannah, I live in Ise Village."
"That's in Kettering, you know," I cried.
"Oh mine's Samantha and I live round here too"
So my new friend, quickly, replied.

She told me, "I've got a wheelchair,
For use when I get sleepy or just tire.
Otherwise, I couldn't get round anywhere,
And perhaps I'd get sick or even expire!"

And since we've both got nothing to do,
Do you think we could join in a game?"
"That idea's good, so let's give it a go.
I'll be glad of the company," I went on to explain.

Because her stomach was grumbling quite loudly,
Samantha went looking for food, knife and a fork.
Suddenly, some mouth-watering sweets magicked in,
In the talons of, guess what... an unusual hawk!

"Hello, girls," said the hawk with a beaky smile,
And waddling just a little bit closer,
"Will you help me in eating these savoury sweets?
It'll take the edge off your hunger..."

Well, not being put off by this train of events,
And remembering what Teacher had taught her,
Samantha, boldly told the unusual bird,
That, we couldn't accept gifts from a stranger!

All at once, something crashed and the hawk started changing,
From a bloodthirsty bird to Samantha's own mother,
And as soon as she'd finished, she applauded, mouth grinning,
"Do you know, for a minute there, I'd started to wonder."

"Whether you'd forget about your promise to Teacher,
And accept tasty treats from the magical stranger,
'Cos taking those things, would be totally wrong,
And put you and your friends in a terrible danger!"

"But, for once, you were good and obeyed all the rules.
At the same time giving me the most marvellous lift,
So you can invite all your pals, to our house, for a party,
And after we'll go shopping to find you a gift."

The end. For now...

Stefan Lewis-Fish & Hannah Sutherland age 6

(25 April 1999)

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