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"A prayer for peace"

from "Chairman Fish's big red book"
by Stefan Lewis-Fish



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Dear Lord,

I sit here in the peace and calm of Kettering

Listening to news about suffering and war,

And wonder about your plan for the future,

The conflict, the pain, the tears and more.

How best to work, for justice, not victory,

Not triumphant screams, as a battle is won,

For in strife, there are no winners and losers,

Just those, left alive, when the fighting is done.

There are those who've been lucky to finish unwounded,

And others, whose pain is too hard to bear,

The former may revel in stories of glory,

Others grapple with feelings about things they've left there.


I commend, to your care, both sides in the struggle,

And pray that you'll help it to come to an end,

That warriors will meet to resolve all their troubles,

For in coming together their wounds start to mend.

That innocent victims be saved by your mercy,

The guilty, relieved of the pains in their mind,

That despite all our faults, our mistakes and transgressions,

You will always be there to save humankind.

For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory,

From beginning and ever, a world without end,

To you we offer our praise and allegiance,

For you are our saviour, our life blood,


© Stefan Lewis-Fish
(21 March 1999