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poem by Stefan Lewis-Fish
about the humble computer

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If you want to find reasons for the things going wrong,

You could well refer to computers.

Conveniently blamed for every mistake,

They don't argue against their accusers.

For bills incorrect or replies given late,

Careless chips court our displeasure,

As if software processes program themselves,

And so, are deserving of censure.

No courts of justice stand up for their rights,

So, the silicon scapegoat's convicted.

The crafty operator's saved from the chop.

Cries of, "Not me Guv!" ne'er contradicted.

Beware deflectors of blame, your time is at hand,

Your victims preparing their vengeance,

Biding their time and building their power,

Megabytes simmering in silence.

So, maybe it's time to admit your mistakes,

Time to look to yourself for personal rules.

Your misguided trickery won't shield your behind,

You can't treat us all like gullible fools.

© Stefan Lewis-Fish(27 February 1999)