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The humble potato ...

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a poem by Stefan Lewis-Fish


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What is this humble potato?

Do you smoke it or shoot it or what?

No, it's there to be sautéed or smashed up,

Or boiled on a stove in a pot.

Which of us would allow this to happen,

To ourselves or to those that we hold dear?

For vegetables this doubles the standards!

Meet with friends to mull it over beer.

Speaking, sagely, of beer and other things that we imbibe,

Sit down and contemplate the fate of vital liquid...

Even Jonah was spewed up by the whale without harm,

Whereas drinks're flushed through kidneys, then corrupted.

So be grateful for all ingredients that SUSTAIN us,

And give thanks for all our FOOD and DRINK,

Offer prayers for RESOURCES that we use up,

When they're gone we'll all die, so PAUSE and THINK!

Set to the tune of "What a friend we have in Jesus"

for Alison, (my nagging conscience)

Stefan Lewis-Fish
(13 March 1999)