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Paul Simon's sound still echoes in my temples:

Homeward bound is where I have to be,

I'm sitting in a station by a juncture in my mind,

Finding galaxies in semi detachment.

It could be scary, restrictive, isolating,

Ripped from worlds I knew so well,

But I'm me, always ready for the challenge,

Pregnant pauses briefly tugging on my reins.

I have to deal with domestic inconvenience,

Sort my space so I can get around,

For others it makes for strange surroundings,

But it makes me feel enabled and empowered.

I can't drive anymore so I need to find new transportation,

New ways to travel and new places to go,

I'm going to boldly go to places where I've never been before,

Seeking e-lationships with other driven people.

No longer driven by libido's compulsions

Yet bursting to tap the creative muse,

I remain a player in life's sweet game,

Sucking delights from the seven day weekend.

I leave behind a different world with different issues,

Where people rush to battle thieves of time,

Where they all dance, to the rhythms, to their personal pipers beat,

Tilting at windmills with no obvious purpose.

And so to bed with the future stretched before me,

Dreaming dreams of past and present times,

I go ahead to greet a bright tomorrow,

To you, adieu, auf weidersen, goodnight!

© Stefan Lewis-Fish
(15 September 1999)