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Witch's Brew

get access to the pagan sacred texts

a new song seeking a cool tune
by Stefan Lewis-Fish

bufotonin: get the inside dope on toad licking


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Mars probe discovers water!


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Have you ever woken up on an unmanned Mars probe
Thrashing through space at breakneck speed
Out the corner of your eye you see the Sea of Tranquillity
You get the funniest of thoughts on the wacky wacky weed

I'm sure Tim Burners-Lee was on the wacky wacky weed
When he dreamed up the software for the World Wide Web
And when Peter Piper picked a peck of bottled pickled peppers
He'd caught a bad dose of the munchies from his Lebanese Red

Where would history have been without wacky baccy weirdos
Dreaming up tomorrow with their weirdly wired minds
Where would Sherlock Holmes have been without his 7% solution
Or did his deal with Dr Watson lead to loads of lucky finds

And when you witches go out for a night upon the cauldron
Frightening a few toads to make them finger licking good
To get a bufotonin breakfast, a Class A meal of mental mayhem
And a little Class C chaser to finish off the food

Or is your tipple vodka tonic ice and slice with olives clashing
Polluting everybody's atmosphere with your nicotine breath
One man's meat's another's poison with our high-speed lifestyles
And who will pay the Piper's penny when we dance the dance of death

So have you ever woken up on an unmanned Mars probe
Or sworn upon your sainted aunt to never no never again
Only to find yourself once more upon the breach of broken promise
Indulging in the witch's brew to keep the right side of insane




contacting Sir Tim Burners-Lee**~*~** click here to discuss your ideas **~*~**Misuse of Drugs Act 1984
© Stefan Lewis-Fish

(5 February 2004)


if it's the last thing I do on this night it'll be to send you back to the homepage for more good lyrics... don't forget to write the music!