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Property Tycoon

a sad reflection on modern life
by Stefan Lewis-Fish


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So here I am..

Robbing P-P-P-Peter... to pay P-P-P-Paul
A pocket mania-kleptic I don't have to make sense of it all
Re-mortgaging the crown jewels to finance the future past
Turning the house to car and clothing with loans that're withering fast!

But who gives a damn...

'Cos I'm a 21st century financier who's loving the property boom,
I don't have to work... I'll just recycle another room
And by the time I've spent the proceeds and the monetary closet is bare
My equity will've shot up and up so I really don't have to care!

So thank you Madame...

I'll just accept the status quo and live my life on Easy Street
I'll carry on with 'carpe diem' where each new day just can't be beat
With my hedonistic lifestyle and my head upon Cloud 9
I'd like to spend much longer with you but I really don't have the time

I've got to scram...

Squeezing the juice from every single de-de-de-day
For life is easy... knowing I'll never have to contribute or to p-p-p-p-p-pay
I'll just watch my stomach growing while I ignore the daily News
About other people's suffering meanwhile I'll plan another cruise!

Yes here I am... Here I am... Here I am


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Stefan Lewis-Fish

(Friday 3 September 2004)


~~time to learn about elves...~~~Sorry I prefer narrow boats!~~