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The trial of bin Laden

top of the FBI's most wanted list

written in the aftermath of 9/11 2001
by Stefan Lewis-Fish




a Muslim perspective on the war with terrorism


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African perspectives on the war with terrorism


Kofi Annan on avoiding Armageddon


Russian Muslim perspectives











All rise for the judge in the trial of bin Laden,
Head of Al Qaeda and
Presiding Judge Freedom, defending Blind Justice,
The public needs answers (and the verdict's all set...)

Accusing were Bush and Blair and Powell
By virtue of office all honourable men
They said, "He's guilty, no time for a trial,
So proceed to the sentence and let the mob in!"

"Hold on!" said Blind Justice speaking out for bin Laden
"You must show is your facts to prove he's to blame."
"No! The world is our witness... it needs instant answers
So we'll give 'em bin Laden. He's known for that game"

"The fact is he's guilty!" said Bush, Blair and Powell
"And our secretive service say all gainsays are void!
As will all who oppose us giving bin Laden comfort
This network of evil must be destroyed"

USA's rock told the world, "Be offensive!"
So the world used scissors for their surgical attacks
The impoverished defenders, bombed to distraction
Had only paper with which to fight back

So they sent out letters armed with force biologic
To argue their case and to balance the power
And they called for jihad to all bearded brethren
Who rose from their slumber and prepared for the hour

Rock forced scissors to cut through the paper
And paper wrapped rock causing upset and rage
Battle lines have been drawn in morality's play
And both Abram's tribes fret and strut 'cross the stage

The scene's now set up for a world conflagration
As each picks their side for the terminal fight
Where everyone knows that God's on their side
And they'll go to their deaths proving their way is right

Armageddon's dawn still leaves choice for our leaders
Play hard ball or pull us all back from the brink
To urge us all back to a more dangerous age
Or to seek understanding while we've still time to think

All who believe say there's only one Judge
Who we seek and we worship in differing ways
So now is the time to build all our bridges
For the first or the last of Eternity's days.



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Stefan Lewis-Fish

(15th October 2001)

updated in the light of actual events


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