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Your land, my land... our land!

find out about our great British traditions

based on "This land is your land"

by Woody Guthrie


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"This land is your land, this land is my land

From Cornwall's beaches to the Scottish islands

From Sherwood Forest to our coastal waters

This land was made for you and me"



As I walked on... down its timeless byways

I saw above me... pure azure skyways

I saw below me... a moorland valley

And I knew that this land was made for you and me




I've roamed and rambled... tracing my footsteps

By the sparkling waters... of her lakes and rivers

And all around me... a voice was booming

This land was made for you and me




The sun was shining... whilst I was strolling

The corn fields waving.. and the white clouds rolling

The day was dawning... that voice intoning

This land was made for you and me




By the roadside... I saw a signpost

Painted on one side it said - "No trespassing!"

But on the other side ... it didn't say nothin

Now that side was made for you and me!




In the city centre... in the steeple's shadow

I can see my people... of all creeds and colours

And some are grumbling and some are wondering

If there's still room here... for you and me


But as long as we've got freedom... to roam and ramble

With respect for justice.. and diversity

Where we can speak our minds... with no fear of reprisal

Then this land's still made for you and me




No-one living… could ever stop me

From walking freely… on those sacred pathways

And there’s no-one alive… who could ever hold me back

For this land was made for you and me


Chorus x2:





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additional lyrics by Stefan Lewis-Fish© (April 7, 2004)

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