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~~~ Dawn chorus ~~~

listen to dawn choruses from around the world...

's raw edge...

from "New songs seeking cool tunes"
by Stefan Lewis-Fish

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I awoke to the dawn with its chorus of sparrows
To scurrying hedge pigs with their early day shrieks
The dew moistened grass provides a carpet for hunters
Who attend to their business as they stealthily creep

They'll risk any danger to satisfy their stomachs
Hunger drives their actions and insists they press on
If their hunt is successful they can eat, rest and sleep
While fa
ilure courts death as this last race is run

For their game will cull out all the quitters and losers
With strength, speed and cunning dictating who'll win
And this life never favours the old ones and slow ones
While the Banshee's wail warns when God gathers them in

So dream on, tell the night all of your hopes and your secrets
Share your wo
rld weary worries about things left ahead
The lens which you look through will still hide tomorrow
But soon the future will show you where you're to be led

© Stefan Lewis-Fish
(10 August 2000)