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Quixote's dun tiltin'

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a new song seeking a cool tune
by Stefan Lewis-Fish


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I was a child of my times

I was born, soon I'll die

I fought battles and rattled my sabre

Like that warrior of old

I was quixotic I'm told

Windmills quivered when I challenged their sails!


But I was gentle as a lover

When you bowled me over

With eyes shining in the moonlight of Paris

From the Champs Elysees

To the streets of Marseilles

I was bewitched and transfixed by your magic


And we all moved on

Our times faded and gone

New horizons beckoned us forward

Sometimes we'd succeeded

And sometimes we failed

But the waltzing it went on and on


Do you ever regret

The courses we set

And the things that we left far behind us

Oh if we could go back

To set a new tack

What wonderful mischief we'd make


But I was a child of my time

I was born and soon I'll die

I've fought battles and I've rattled my sabre

Like that warrior of old

I was quixotic I'm told

And those windmills still spin in my head






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© Stefan Lewis-Fish

(24th January 2004)