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this page is dedicated to fringe parties in Britain and this link will take you through to the Wikipedia, a free encyclopaedia and its entry for the British National Party

a new song seeking a cool tune
by Stefan Lewis-Fish






Yes... they still exist... the British Communist Party




the Official Monster Raving Loony Party home page



beginning to enter the mainstream UKIP




not so far on the fringe nowadays:-meet the Greens




concerned about the far right in Europe... click here











Keep out... 'cos I've discovered Paradise
And Paradise is worth nothing if it isn't free
Keep out... 'cos I've discovered Paradise
And I'm keeping it a little bit special just for me

I'm keeping it just for me and for some friends of mine
It's full of peace and pollution is banned
When we argue, it's to keep our brains alive and active
And to grow something much better in our land

We like loud music, so you might find it really noisy here
Though there are still spaces where you can still your mind
Where you can harmonize with nature or just do your own thing
And you can even walk the straight and narrow line

We like people to be different, not cast in concrete
Not cardboard cutouts of the one who's gone before
You can be black or white or yellow, pink or purple
It's your variety that spices up our life

We like independent, free, creative thinkers
Who aren't carried along by the status quo
Though we also need people dragged along by the mainstream
For the ship to sail on smoothly, some people need to row

But keep out... if you can't stand others being a bit different
Keep out... if you think injustice is OK
Keep out... if you don't like new ideas
Keep out... if you don't want others to have their say

My community is built on certain principles
Where people gain from the extra they put in
But, all are encouraged to contribute
If they're not leaders, others'll have to guide

Starting from the strength of our diversity
Gaining momentum from common ideals
May seem strange at first as we head towards the horizon
But we could try and see how that strangeness feels

If you stay in and then still want to keep exclusive
If you want to remain an island... that's all right
If you want, we'll help you build your castle in the air
With walls high enough to keep you out of sight

And to help you feel much safer in your personal domain
In a world full of strangers, I'm sure that you'll agree
That we should fill your moat with sharks and poison jellyfish
Then lock the door up tightly and throw away the key

Polyutopia: you might disagree with this party's agenda that you'll love it home page~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Wikipaedia's entry for British politics


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© Stefan Lewis-Fish

[20 August 2004]